Truck Tarps for all your transport needs

Transport tarpaulins have been produced by Tail-Wind Tarps for well over 15 years and today our products are recognised as leading in quality and reliability.

Our range includes roll-top tarpaulins, cap tarps, hardware components and more. We specialise in custom production of tarpaulins and only use tried and proven fabrics that are built to last. Each tarpaulin is backed by our years of experience and expertise.

Our factory also houses a repair section that services our products ensuring excellent after-sales support and service.


Ellis & Sons have manufactured Roll-Tops for well over 15 years & today our Roll-Top Tarps are acknowledged as being the best. We achieve our consistent high quality product through our commitment to only use the highest quality European made 900GSM fabrics & our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, from designing & cutting on CAD programs and cutters, to fully welding the product with latest model welding technology. Each Roll-Top Tarp is custom-made to your exact trailer specifications & our manufacture warranties provide the peace of mind that your goods are safe & secure in transit. Made to order - Any size. Quality, heavy duty reinforced, UV Stabilised PVC ensures your load is protected.


Retractable tarps are the best solution for covering loads that require full access to the product when unloading. The concertina design means the cover can be slid back completely out of the way making the unloading process simple and efficient. Available in both PVC and Mesh, all tarps are drawn and cut on a specialist CAD cutting system to ensure 100% accuracy. At Ellis & Sons we understand the narrow time slots transport companies operate in. We therefore retain all CAD files and in the event of a mishap your cover can be reproduced with no delay. Each Ellis and Sons retractable tarp is fabricated from 1 piece of fabric with no joins for extra strength and durability.


The European manufactured PVC combines strength - (extra 20%) - and flexibility to give a fabric that will stand up to hard wear and tear. It features a superior coating adhesion which gives it high weld strength and abrasion resistance, to withstand hard usage. Not only does it save you money, but its high resistance to soiling means its stays good-looking for years to come. Tailwind Tarps Truck Curtains are manufactured using unique heat-welding systems which electronically combine heat, speed and pressure. These produce welded joins with strengths that exceed that of the fabric itself. This gives you the assurance of an above standard product, providing you the reliability you need. Our products fit perfectly... every time! The welded webbing system, where webbing is welded directly onto the curtain, has two main advantages:

  • Simple to change the buckle and strap - simply undo a couple of bolts and replace the buckle and strap.
  • Webbings acts as a wear barrier against the truck gates, increasing the life of the curtain, thus saving you replacement costs.

The side curtains offered by Ellis & Sons come with a myriad of choices and options such as full colour digital imaging & customised document pockets and any other custom requirements you may have. Each curtain is made to your individual trailer specification from heavy 900GSM PVC. We only use stainless steel buckles to prevent rust and plastic hooks to prevent marking your trailer paint. Our range includes curtains for rigid bodies, semi-trailers & refrigerated transport in any size required.


Covering goods in transit on a flat-deck or drop-deck trailer requires a tarp with outstanding strength and durability that will stand up to the most demanding applications. Ellis and Sons Canvas and PVC Tarps are the best on the market today. Using Australian made canvas and European made PVC, designing and cutting the tarps on CAD computer systems and welding or sewing the tarps with a range of state-of-art machinery ensures a tarp that will perform in all weather conditions and keep your goods safe and secure in transit. Each tarp is manufactured to your exact requirement with shorteners, heavy duty eyelet patches and 10mm silver ropes with many other different options available. Additionally, we can personalise and brand your tarp with your company name to make it really stand out and add that finishing touch!


Ellis & Sons have a comprehensive range of fittings and hardware for roll-top tarps to suit all applications and budgets. Kits include heavy duty semi-trailer hardware and lighter options for field bins. The medium weight kit is ideal for field bins and shorter length tippers. The heavy duty kit is built to resist the wear and tear of every-day use on longer length tippers. The actual tarps are made to order in our factory from 900 GSM PVC. This PVC – made in Europe – is used in truck side curtains and sustains exceptionally high stress & wear levels. More information on our kits coming soon…….

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