Covers, liners and tarps for industrial application

Industrial products form an important part of the product range offered by Tail -Wind Tarps.

These products we create are custom made and serve a wide range of applications across many industries. Our covers are used for protecting high value assets, environmental control, energy conservation, noise control, weather protection and aesthetics.

They are made from high performance durable fabrics. Design and functions are endless and made possible through our unique welding facilities and fabrication techniques which enable the production of specialist products.

  • industrial tarps and covers
  • flexible roller door curtains
  • agricultural equipment covers


Our Container Covers are made to withstand the demanding conditions they are subjected to in transit. Fabrics used are chosen because of their ability to withstand strong winds, rain, sun and below zero temperatures. Coupled with our ability to respond quickly to demand and provide excellent order turn-around, makes Ellis and Sons the preferred supplier of container covers Australia wide.

shipping container covers


From harvesters to small generator covers, Ellis & Sons can cover your assets to protect them and maintain their 'as new' appearance and preserve their value. Utilising our in-house computerised CAD system allows us to design and draw in 3D and ensures 100% accuracy and superior fit. Made from heavy duty PVCs ensures a cover that is durable and will withstand the elements. All covers are custom made to your requirements and come with a large range of options such as heavy duty zippers, clear plastic windows or manifest sleeves and other hardware.

machinery covers


Tail-wind Tarps flexible factory partitions allow you to quickly adapt your factory layout and create separate areas to contain dust & fumes from the general environment. These partitions can be erected on site in a day and removed in a few hours. The cost is a fraction of an additional wall and in a fraction of the time. Additionally, they are re-usable in another area at a later date. .

industrial curtains


Ellis and Sons is a leading manufacturer of specialist shelter covers. For many years these building have been used for a wide range of applications such as covering and protecting heavy equipment and machinery, as storage facilities, workshops, horticultural and nursery covers, poultry and pig shelters. Our covers are manufactured using premium quality fabrics, tailored to the specific wind region of the location it is to be installed and many other specific requirements. Each cover passes through a stringent quality system to ensure you receive a cover of extremely high quality standards.

industrial shade and shelters


The construction industry is often inconvenienced by bad weather which delays projects and causes down time for their teams. Ellis and Sons understand the tight timelines this industry operates in and offer extremely quick turnaround on orders so works can continue whatever the weather.
Our tarps are custom made locally with superior quality fabrics and with superior workmanship that will withstand the toughest conditions of a construction site.

reinforced tarp corners


Various products such as timber, agricultural products, empty shipping containers and agricultural produce needs to be fumigated for quarantine purposes. Ellis & Sons manufacture Fumigation Covers for this purpose. The covers are custom made to the industry specific needs. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

General machinery cover


Bulk Waste and Composting covers made by Ellis & Sons are made from a range of specific products dependent on the product it is covering and the location of the site. Ellis and Sons offer various edging and tying off systems to hold the covers in place to best suit your requirements.

Composting Covers


Water is one of the world's most precious commodites. Ellis & Sons Dam and Pond Liners allow you to conserve and protect your water storage. All liners are custom made to suit the dimensions and area and are available in a range of fabrics for many different applications such as:

  • Garden or Aquatic Ponds
  • Rural and Farm Dams
  • Bioretension Ponds
  • Effluent Ponds
  • Mining Site Storage Dam and ponds
Dam Liners
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