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The Grain safe System...

GrainSafe storage products are designed to optimise grain storage through user-friendly and time - efficient improvements, making the operators job safer, simpler and more effective. Ellis & Sons Group, the parent company of GrainSafe® is becoming synonymous with innovation specific to one of the world's most precious and fundamental commodities – grain. Our dedication to innovation stems from our commitment to our customers – meeting their need and exceeding their expectations. We have invested extensively in research and development and work together closely and effectively with our customers to embrace new ideas. The result of our commitment to innovation is GrainSafe® (patented) - a superior product unlike anything on the market today. GrainSafe® storage products are designed to optimise grain storage through user-friendly and time-efficient improvements, making the operators job safer, simpler and more effective.


  • Accessing grain in one simple step through a resealable vent - No sewing, patching or painting.
  • The resealable vent can also be used to attach a fan to, effectively sucking the air out of the dump and holding the tarp down securely in windy conditions.
  • Restraint System inbuilt into the cover whereby an open dump cover can be secured down while loading or unloading product reducing the risk of being caught by the wind and blown off the dump.
  • Restraint System is also an advantage when the cover is secured down preventing flex and flapping to the cover and increasing the life of the cover.
  • Flexible package options tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Choose the features you require and their placement on the cover.


Traditionally to access the grain below a bunker cover, the cover is cut open, the procedure performed, the cover is hand sewn and sealed with either paint or tape. Alternatively the side boards of the bunker are removed, the grain accessed, then the bunker is re-sealed.

With GrainSafe Access Points the operator simply opens the waterproof, air-tight zipper accessing the grain and resealing by pulling the zipper shut again. Simple. Efficient. Uncomplicated. The zips eliminate the need to cut the cover reducing moisture ingress. The straps reduce leakage from windflap damage.


When adding or removing the grain from a stock pile, conventional tarpaulins are partially released from their side wall clamps and folded back. Operators are at risk of getting hurt if the cover is blown up by the wind. This is a potentially dangerous situation as the unsecured cover can act like a sail.

The GrainSafe Restraint System (patented) assures workman safety through employing the use of restraint webbing and ratchets attached to the cover. When the dump is opened both the flap and the cover can be secured down promising safety to you and your workmen. It also provides additional benefits of keeping the cover better secured on the dump preventing flex and flap wear and increasing the life - span of the cover. Helping to keep people off the bunker thereby reducing 'Duty of Care' issues relating to working with a bunker cover. Restraining and controlling the cover in windy conditions, reducing accidents.

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