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From the outset, Shadespan have been dedicated to providing products of the highest quality at an affordable price, combined with a professional friendly approach to service that starts before you buy and continues after the sale. The result? A happy, satisfied client.

With our state-of-the-art CAD cutting machine we are able to design and manufacture speciality features such as patterned shade sails. Take a look at our gallery for some of our outstanding designs.

Shadespan design and manufacture a wide range of products for all your shade needs.

Hypar Structures

Hypar sails are one of the most simplest and effective shade styles used today. They are designed with two diagonally, opposite high poles & two diagonally opposite low poles creating a twist. This not only produces a very aesthetic look but the opposite tension creates a rigid, tight sail that if done correctly will last many years and withstand high winds. The design, being free form, can be produced with any number of columns, often creating impressive structures.

Consideration is given to the placement of the high and low poles, with high poles to the north to allow for winter sun & lower poles in the western direction to protect from the hot afternoon sun.

Hip Structures

Hip Structures are an effective shade system that offers maximum protection from the elements. Designed with a traditional hip roof frame, they allow full shade in any application such as play equipment shade or pool shades. With our expert design team, we can take your Hip Structure Shade from ordinary to great with colours designed to blend in with the existing environment or make it an outstanding feature with contrasting designer colour poles and shadecloth. The options are limitless……

Cantilever Structures

Cantilever structures are an eye-catching structure. This design features posts in a line on one side of the structure with support rafters spanning the area to be shaded. This is ideal in areas where a clear span is needed with minimal interference, such as at the end of a pool.

The structures are available in the traditional straight arm cantilever style, in an eye-catching hypar design with the high and low arms or a barrel vault design with curved arms. They are ideal at pools, carparks or any area with limited space.

Umbrella Structures

Umbrellas are a fantastic design using 1 post and providing a large amount of shade. They are available using a single centre post or a cantilever post set to one side of the umbrella. The traditional umbrella is available in standard sizes or in a made to order eye-catching ‘star design’ which adds a touch of class.
Umbrellas are especially useful in areas of limited space and high traffic such as cafés, restaurants, pools, and even schools. They are available as a permanent structure, retractable structures or even as a removable structure.

BBQ Structures

If you looking to incorporate shade protection with a striking design to upgrade an entertainment or BBQ area, this architect styled mini barrel vault structure is the perfect solution.

The two Column waterproof structure with curved bows adds value and class to any outdoor area. These BBQ shelters are great value for money and a pleasant alternative to the standard common colour-bond shelter.

Architecturally designed and fully engineered, they are available in a large range of colours to blend or complement existing infrastructure. The BBQ shelter can be sign written, which is great for sponsorships, or for displaying Brand Names. A practical durable structure that offers fantastic sun protection and is available in 2 great sizes.

Relocatable Structures

Picture a high profile outdoors event or festival………. It is held at the local park which makes a lovely venue with sweeping green lawns. There are little side shows set up on the lawns protected from the sun by their little 2 minute pop-up shelters. The main attraction is live entertainment on a huge stage. There is a crowd of people watching the entertainment…….but is there a relocatable, easy to install, easy to remove shade structure big enough to cover this venue?

Enter Shadespans registered design Relocatable Barrel Vault Structure. Fully engineered and every bit as stylish as a permanent structure, this design is capable of covering in excess of 1000 people. It can be erected and removed in a day. Best of all it is modular so units can be simply added to cater for any size audience you wish.

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